Last week I flew to Los Angeles with the biggest airplane in the world, the A380 of British Airways. I love to take you with me on board to share my experience in five striking features:


The Airport Lounge
One of the perks of travelling in Club World Class is that you can access the British Airways Lounges on Heathrow Airport. On Terminal 5 they have 5 lounges and I’ve tried them all for you. There are two spacious Galleries Club Lounges for people who travel in First, Club Europe, Club World or Business UK, are Executive Gold or Silver Member or oneworld Emerald or Sapphire Member. They have a range of magazines and newspapers to read, you can have something to eat and drink and have a free wifi connection. The Galleries First Lounge is there for travellers who travel in First Class or are Club Gold Members or oneworld Emerald Members. Only on Heathrow there’s the Concorde Room which is only available for people who travel in First Class and is inspired by the finest designhotels. There are private cabanas you can rent for more privacy and if you want to dine before your flight they are happy to serve you (instead of the other lounges where you can help yourself). Good to know is that Heathrow also has an Arrivals Lounge for people who are directly off to a meeting in the city and in this Lounge they can have something to eat, shower and change. My favorite extra is the Elemis Travel Spa where you can have a 15-minute massage before flying. Massage helps to reduce jetlag and brings you in a zen state of mind so you will start your 11-hour flight calm and relaxed.


The A380
Of course I heard people, usually men, talk about the A380 and for me it was just a number. But now I had the chance of experiencing the A380, the largest commercial passenger aircraft in the world, for myself. This airplane is so big that, when building it, they had to break open the roof of the hangar because otherwise the tail wouldn’t fit in it. And the wings are 54% larger than the wings of a Boeing 747. The airplane has two floors and whatever class you’re flying with you can chose which floor. With exception to World Traveller Plus which is located on the Upper Deck. You hardly notice that it’s possible to fit almost 500 (!) people into one plane and you could think that such a big airplane would make a lot of noise when it departs but it’s actually very, very silent. Because it’s such a new airplane the interior is also up-to-date in all classes which means: more legroom, a larger inflight entertainment screen and more storage space. The A380 flies from London Heathrow to Los Angeles, but also to Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Singapore, Washington and later this year to San Francisco (March 2015) and Miami (October 2015).


The seat
Travelling in Club World means that you have you’re own private island on the plane. You can close the window between you and the person who sits next to you and nobody will disturb you. Perfect if you’re travelling alone, but what if you’re travelling with your love for example? Then they have the perfect solution in the middle of the plane where they have placed two chairs next to eachother as a sort of private cabana. Nice! I was travelling alone and tried both the aisle and the window seat. The seat itself is perfect: you can put it upright (perfect for reading a magazine), bring it slightly down like you’re in a relaxing sofa (perfect for watching films) and you can make a bed of it (perfect if you want to sleep during your flight). I’m the worst sleeper in airplanes, but travelling in Club World and being able to make a bed out of your chair is the best solution. You will sleep. Trust me! The funny thing is that the window seats are placed in the opposite direction. You face the tail of the airplane and I was quite curious how that felt during take-off and landing (the person in the chair before me changed seats because of that). I have to say that you don’t notice anything strange because the airplane flies so smooth and steady. Great flight experience!


The food
An airplane which serves you Twinings tea can’t do anything wrong, can it? I loved it! The food in Club World is from world’s top chefs and it is served like in a restaurant, on a plate, with real cutlery (not plastic) and perfectly presented. I’ve tried their Three Course Menu which started with a roasted stem-on tomato with cucumber, feta mousseline, crostini and balsamic dressing and a fresh seasonal salad. And I had the Peppadew-Mozzarella filled breast of chicken with baby courgette as a main course. The dessert was a very good tiramisu. After that I was so full and tired I could sleep for a couple of hours.


What I also really liked is the new British Airways app. All your flight information and boarding passes or on it and the apps gives you a sign when boarding starts. I could just show my phone to the staff and didn’t have to search for the boarding signs anymore. When you’re flying in Club World you receive an amenity kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip cream, moisturizer, socks and an eye-mask in it. All to help you to arrive at your destination looking radiant and mostly fresh and relaxed. Love it! New in the inflight entertainment is that they now have dvd-boxes you can watch. Thrilling series like Gomorra will keep you want to watch one episode after another and it looks like your 11-hour flight is over in an hour. A great addition to the already superb selection of films, series, music and games. I watched a couple of movies and a serie called #selfie. Quite funny!


Overall opinion
I really loved my flight experience in Club World of the A380 of British Airways. London to Los Angeles is called the Red Carpet Route because of all the actors and movie makers who fly this route all the time, but for me the flight itself felt like a Red Carpet too. From the massage at the Elemis Travel Spa at the Lounge on Heathrow to the perfect night of sleep underneath warm blankets. And from watching all those top movies to eating the finest food. When you reach your destination you use some moisturizer and lip balm and of you go: run into the spotlights (for me no movie premiere, but tons of great restaurants, hotels and shops). I can’t wait to board my next flight with British Airways! *****


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British Airways flies seven days a week from Amsterdam (up to 19 ! flights a day) via London to Los Angeles. Check their site for the best rates. 

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