You know I love to find new spots, but sometimes you discover a place so special you already dreaming of going back to it when you’re away for only two minutes. So when me and my boyfriend had to decide on the destination for our annual holiday, we both thought of the ever amazing Papaya Playa Hotel in Tulum (read the complete review here) again. And here we are: February 20th. The day we’re travelling to Tulum. I can’t wait to be there and enjoy their delicious breakfast while staring out over the beach, waking up because of the sun rise, doing some yoga classes, having a massage and just being at the beach for the whole day. Reading books, doing naps and eat guacamole all day. Quality time in Tulum. Can’t wait!


But don’t worry: after a week of doing nothing in Tulum I’m going to New York to spot the new addresses over there, so if you’re planning a trip there soon, stay tuned!


Love, Pauline




  • Andrea Luna

    20.02.2015 at 12:58 Reply

    You couldn’t be more right, Tulum is such a special place and it never disappoints. I had the best ceviche ever at one of the restaurants in front of the beach. They served a huge portion of it on a molcajete, (the mortar where we Mexicans make proper salsas) and wow, it was truly glorious. I then went to Mexico City, I wanted to treat my mum to a good restaurant so took her to San Angel Inn. The food was really pricey and I ordered ceviche. Big mistake. Tulum’s ceviche, the sand and the turquoise sea… my idea of heaven in Earth.I will run my next Yoga retreat there, so I might keep you posted 😉

  • Kim Laros

    20.02.2015 at 18:43 Reply

    I’m so curious about your New York trip, i’m going in April and can’t wait to see all you tips… Enjoy!!

  • Kim Laros

    20.02.2015 at 18:44 Reply

    I’m so curious about your New York trip, i’m going in April and can’t wait to see all your tips… Enjoy!!

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