This restaurant changed its name to Hetta. There is a new chef called Olaf Johansson and they were nominated for the Plate Selector Awards in 2018 as Best Restaurant and Best Chef. The interior is still the same. 


New & super hot in Barcelona!


You probably know Woki Organic Market already of their branch near Plaza Catalunya. Recently they opened their newest one just above the Diagonal. And here you will not only find a biological supermarket, as well as a cafe and a restaurant called Celerí where chef Xavier Pellicer (who you may recognize of his work for Can Fabes and Restaurante Abac, both awarded with two Michelinstars) is responsible for the mostly vegetarian and vegan, but always organic, food. Think of asparagus, but also a hamburger. Pasta next to a gazpacho. Upstairs it’s more casual, downstairs you will find more special dishes. Both yummy!


The interior really stands out and that’s not a surprise if I tell you that Sandra Tarruella, who you may know of her work for Gallito, Pez Vela and many other beautiful interior projects, is responsible for the design of the place. In Celerí, located in the basement, you are immediately drawn to the long wooden table. The perfect place for a Sunday brunch with your family. But also take a look at the wall made of bricks, where the lights are located underneath a canted brick. Sublime!


Check out: www.tribuwoki.com


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