Every time when I’m travelling for Petite Passport I’m attached to my phone. Looking at a city via my Instagram eyes, running from one spot to another so afterwards I can make you happy with all the new addresses. And I love it more than I love a good chocolate fondant. However once a year I’m going on a holiday completely iPhone, iPad, Macbook-less. Call it a digital detox: I’m not taking a picture of a sunset, because I’m experiencing it with my man next to me. And I’m not replying to a Whatsapp message or checking my mail, because I’m reading ‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed among other books. Instead I will be taking my notebook with me and write down my new desires for myself and Petite Passport. So when I’m back in the beginning of July I will be recharged 100%, with tons of new ideas and I can devote the rest of 2015 to you: by making new Tried & Tested reports and Petite Passport Guides!


x Pauline

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