PNY stands for Paris New York Hamburgers and the owner, Rudy Guénaire, opened its first PNY about two years ago on the Rue Faubourg Saint-Denis, near the charming Hotel Paradis. Because it was such a success he soon decided to work on a new PNY, again in a neighborhood on the rise, in the area around Oberkampf. And if that was not enough, he recently opened the third PNY on a fantastic location in Le Haut-Marais. This part of Paris is now so popular that you can’t just start your own restaurant here. If a space is on the market, the restaurant owners stand in line to get it. Especially on this great corner, opposite Nanashi. Happily for us, PNY was chosen to bring their delicious burgers to the (fashion)crowd of this part of Paris. But not without another collaboration with Cut Architectures who also designed the other two PNY’s. For this location, which is a lot more feminine, they chose a Miami atmosphere, with lots of pink and turquoise in the interior. The toilet is so cool it now has its own hashtag on Instagram called #pee_n_why.


What about the burgers? They are extremely good and have funny names. Like the Skinny Fat (my choice). This burger got his name by American people who couldn’t believe that Parisians remain skinny after eating all those burgers. So Skinny Fat indicates they may be skinny from the outside, but fat from the inside. Every month PNY collaborates with someone and this month they worked together with François Simon, a famous French food critic nobody knows what he looks like. The burger Le François is healthy, completely gluten-free with pomegranate seeds, lemon, avocado, Japanese herbs and naturally good meat. Definitely order it! And is there anything new at this location? Yes, in this PNY you can also order cocktails. Though a refreshing lemonade at 30 degrees when I was visiting wasn’t a bad idea at all!


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  • Wendy Taing

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    So cute! I will be sure to stop here! 🙂

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