In the area Etterbeek, close to Central Station, you’ll find The Living Room. A cool concept by Maxime Pain who left Paris for Brussels and created a project he dreamed of for years. He’s completely mad about Scandinavian inspired interior and therefor he liked to sell some of the products of &Tradition for example, just like small gifts like scented candles, mugs with the letter of your name on it and stationary. ‘But the thing with a shop’, Maxime told me, ‘is that people only come in when they are looking for something new in their homes.’ And that’s why he created not only a shop, but also a cafe. If you’re here you can order a freshly squeezed juice, a coffee, sandwich, soup or salad (always home-made) and eat it while you’re trying out the chairs, tables and sofas. And if a chair sits really comfortable you can buy it if you want. Good idea!


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