Despite of their name, Les Filles (meaning: The Women in French), men are also allowed in this kind of secret eatery close to Rue Antoine Dansaert. Les Filles started a few years ago in a small place in Saint-Gilles by making good food out of big Le Creuset pans where people could get their lunch or dinner served as take-away. Now Les Filles have their own restaurant and food store on the Oude Graanmarkt 46 where you don’t see any signs, just a big wooden door. Ring the bell and you’re inside this heaven for foodies: you can either buy something in the shop or have lunch or dinner on the long communal tables upstairs. They have one menu: you’ll get three entrees, one main course and a dessert for 15 euro (lunch) and 25 euro (dinner). Don’t think of Les Filles as a stiff restaurant; it’s a place where you meet new people, they present the food on a beautiful table and you walk there to serve yourself. When you’re done, you leave the plates in the sink. Just like when you’re home. But then with superb and very delicious dishes.


Check out: www.lesfilles.be














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