hartwood1When Hartwood in Tulum opens at six o’clock, there’s already a line. Within a minute, the first lucky guests are inside and they have absolutely no desire to look at their phones: the atmosphere is so fantastic you keep on looking at the kitchen where you see all those pineappels or to the bar where they are making a cocktail. The menu is limited: only a few delicious starters, main courses and desserts to taste the real Yucatan cuisine. And everytime it’s so good you keep on coming back during your holiday. The good news is that Eric Werner and Mya Henry, the owners of Hartwood, are publishing a cookbook. Now we don’t have to wait until our vacation to taste all those good flavors, because you can (try to) make all their favorite recipes at home too. Put it on your list already, because it’s out on October 20. Via hartwoodtulum.com/book 


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