For years Veva, the owner of I/Object store and Clouds in my Coffee, wanted to open a bed and breakfast. They’ve turned an old chapel in not only their own home, but also in an office and yesterday they finally opened their b&b called Cloud 9000. Of course that was a huge project, but the result is stunning. Yesterday I was their first guest and because I was so inspired by the beautiful interior I’m now writing this post here too. Who wouldn’t want to sleep a night in a former chapel but then totally renovated into a small design apartment? When you enter the b&b you first notice the big windows with beautiful light coming into the room. There’s a special couch made from wool of sheep from Texel, a beautiful lamp of Atelier Areti and a music installation by Marshall. There’s a library full of books about Belgium: from Belgian Designers and their interiors to Brussels Type. There’s a kitchen with the most stunning tiles from Copenhagen and a funny saltcellar with the text cocaine on it. If you enter the bathroom you’ll immediately have a jaw dropping effect because of the black and white tiles. The ceiling of the apartment is seven metres (!) high. And you’re sleeping on the first floor while looking out of the windows (although you can close the curtains if you want to stay in a dark room with no light coming in). I fell in love with the plaid from Berlin design duo Anntian and it’s on my wish list right now. The good thing about this bed and breakfast is that everything you see is for sale at their online shop. So even if you don’t stay here and you see something on the photos below you like to have in your own home, you can directly order it. The area of this b&b is upcoming and not directly in the center, but close by. The good thing is that there’s a really good restaurant called Alberte next door. And of course you’re in for a real good cup of coffee at Clouds in my Coffee where I’m gonna have breakfast right now!


From 120 euro per night, check out:










  • Liesbeth VV

    15.10.2015 at 09:47 Reply

    OMG It really WAS you 🙂
    I was sitting there yesterday in the corner, you taking pics. I was thinking the whole time: could this be Pauline? Could it?
    Damn it, I wish I said hello :-O

    • Pauline Egge

      15.10.2015 at 10:58 Reply

      I still remember! 🙂 And now you say hello via my website. That counts too! 😉 Thanks for your enthusiasm! And maybe we will see each other in the future! Best wishes, Pauline

  • Liesbeth VV

    15.10.2015 at 12:45 Reply

    Yay! I hope so, been a loyal fan since a long time now. Will send you an invite for something cool I’m working on right now. So yeah, hopefully, see ya soon! 🙂

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