Still a bit sad over the closure of Blend & Blender in Amersfoort I got the news that there was a new fantastic spot in Amersfoort that I had to check out. You have to know that Amersfoort is a small town above Utrecht, not really the kind of place where you would expect to find beautiful restaurants like Hoog Vuur and now Buuf in de Serre. So I got there a bit sceptic, until I put one foot inside and I loved it. Buuf is short for neighbors and the two girls, still students (!), who run this place became friends in high school, started studying together (even quit the same study once), they become neighbors and now they are even partners in this cool cafe. They won a competition to start a restaurant in this conservatory belonging to an old convent. Do go to the toilet when you’re here because then you will notice the size of this huge convent. They worked together with Studio PS from Amersfoort for the design of the interior and although they focus on designing beautiful objects they do know how to bring a fantastic atmosphere to a building of the middle ages. It’s white, there are plants, soft green chairs and a solid bar. But then the concept! The most important thing because that’s what got these girls into winning the competition. They only sell tarts in here. From the popular apple pie and another favorite the ‘dadel taart’. But hold on, it’s not only sweetness in here, they also sell tuna tart or another popular one, the Moroccan pumpkin pie. The location is great: close to the city center.


Check out: www.buufindeserre.nl









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