A few years ago I met the guys behind Hutspot in their first pop up store in the Utrechtsestraat. The vintage blue Vespa immediately caught my eye but after Niels, one of the owners, told me about the concept (young designers, who didn’t have the money to open a store yet, could rent a cabinet to show, and sell, their beautiful and original things to clients) I started exploring what they had to offer. And I loved it. They were only open for a few months on that location, but they quickly opened a permanent store at the Van Woustraat. The Vespa was exchanged for a bigger motor, there was a cafe (which was run by Bas, now the owner of CT Coffee & Coconuts) and the store became huge. Then they opened a new store on the Rozengracht with an even bigger motor. And now they’ve opened their first Hutspot outside Amsterdam. On a very central location in Utrecht, close to het Neude and de Frietwinkel (for the best organic fries in The Netherlands). Once there was a Tourist Office inside the building and after that Douwe Egberts, a coffee brand from the Netherlands. The store looks amazing. Even more grown up than the others. They worked together with Normann Copenhagen for the chairs and the bar stools for example. The industrial lamps are made by Blom & Blom. And they sell beautiful sweaters, children’s clothes, calendars, books and bags. But where’s the motor? I didn’t spot anything with two wheels, but hey, they officially opened the doors on Thursday, so maybe that will be coming soon 😉


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  • Jocellyn

    07.11.2015 at 14:20 Reply

    Go for the clothing- stay for the drinks! 😉

    (Ps: found your blog through a recent mention in Dwell Magazine for their prefab issue. excited to check it out!)

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