Today Parqiet in Rotterdam opened the doors. A cafe in the middle of a park, and in nothing less than The Park next to the Euromast. When I went for a run at the end of October I already spotted a pop up cafe by the same owners. They operated from a retro caravan and in front of it was the most magical outside terrace in Rotterdam I had ever seen (see picture below). So when one of the owners told me they were opening the doors of their cafe inside a beautiful building in the park in January, I had to see it for myself. And it’s definitely the perfect place to meet your friends, have something delicious from their menu and go for a walk afterwards. Parqiet is open for breakfast and lunch and on the menu you’ll find delicious dishes like croissants, sandwiches, juices and coffee, very good coffee. They work together with top food entrepreneurs from Rotterdam. The bread comes from Jordy’s Bakery, the juices from Sajoer and the coffee from Man met de Bril. And the rest? They make it themselves. I’ve tried a tea with a delicious chocolade cheese brownie. You definitely have to try that one! I’ll be back soon for lunch!












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  • Annie

    05.01.2016 at 16:17 Reply

    Café looks so cosy! great photos, hope you had a good time there!

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