The story begins with Leon de Witte de Haelen, a Belgian army officer and general during World War I. Leon 16 is located on de Witte de Haelenstraat, hence the name. A young couple, Karel en Annelies, already live in this part of Brussels for seven years and when they wanted to move they knew they wanted to stay in the same area. Located close to Rue Antoine Dansaert you’re also close to this cool shop and this fantastic restaurant. When you arrive (free parking in the street) you will immediately notice the building because it’s made of mint green tiles. Love it! The couple lives on the top floor and they’ve created two garden suites, one on the first floor and one in the garden. I stayed at the one on the first floor and it has this pretty amazing bathroom you never want to get out of anymore. The room is really spacious, has several places to sit, a balcony, books, and a Netflix connection. The room in the garden feels like a cool cabin in the city and I think it’s the perfect place for a short getaway in your own city. On the first floor there’s a communal living room with a fantastic table designed by Maria Scarpulla, a more than beautiful kitchen (look at the rough concrete on the walls, love this!) and lots and lots of plants. The garden is the heart of the b&b. Because the b&b is only open for a very short while and because it’s winter the garden isn’t in full bloom yet, but when in spring every room looks out to it. All the doors can open and then they can really bring the outside in. Can’t wait for Summer!


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