Restaurant Veranda was already a big success in Antwerp, but they’ve out-grown their restaurant in Berchem and so they decided to move. The new Veranda opened on February 16 and isn’t located in the center either, but close to Park Spoor-Noord in an area full of former slaughterhouses. The concrete stairs in Veranda will remind you of that time, but more recently the space was used as a youth home. They completely rebuild the space together with interior architect Going East Design  and it’s pretty impressive. When you enter the restaurant you will arrive in their wine bar and when I speak to Daan Guelinckx, sommelier and one of the owners, he tells me they only use natural wines. A few steps further and you will see Davy Schellemans, the chef and owner, working in the open kitchen (he’s just lighting the fire of the in-house bbq). The restaurant faces an small courtyard which is perfect for warmer days. They have one set menu which consists of five creative dishes for 55 euro. They just tell you some of the ingredients and you’ll be surprised by the delicious food! Highly recommended!


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Thank you Dries, designer of Buchbar and Bart Kiggen and Magali Elali of for the recommendation! 













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