I hope you had a lovely month full of visiting new places – whether it’s in your own country or abroad. I love the fact that you’re tagging your pictures on Instagram while using the Petite Passport Guide on your journeys. It makes me happy everytime I see it. Thanks for your never-ending enthusiasm!


I’ve doubted for years on how and when to launch The Petite Passport Guides. ‘It’s so expensive to get it all produced, what if nobody buys it?’ ‘What if nobody likes it at all?’ ‘What if I can’t do it on my own?’ What if… What if… What if…’ It was the love I’ve got from you and all of your comments, likes, messages that make me do the most frightful thing in life and just placed that order and see what was going to happen after that. And this month the fifth guide (The London Guide) was added to the printed guides selection. I’m now selling the guides at more than 20 selling points around the world: from Alchemy Works in Los Angeles to Papersmiths in Bristol and from C & Mills in Fukuoka to Restored in Amsterdam. Thank you, thank you! Last year around this time I was still making excuses on why it wouldn’t work and I see that only after doing it, you can honestly say if it will or not. So if you’re in doubt, why not try? You don’t have to start big, but just take one step in the direction of your dreams. I can’t wait to hear where your passion will lead to!


There was more in April. I’ve travelled to Copenhagen and had the best time ever. I love that city and especially because it was already three years ago since my last visit there was a lot to discover. Read all about my recommendations in The Copenhagen Guide or see my visual diary here. Then I’ve travelled to Barcelona where I finally stayed at Hotel Brummell, a Barcelona favorite. A good location to explore the rest of the city and I’ve spotted some fantastic new addresses. If you’re going to Barcelona don’t forget to take The Barcelona Guide with you (online or printed) and see my visual diary here!


And now it’s May. I’ve already booked three trips: one weekend in The Netherlands, one week on an island in Europe and one international flight. Can’t wait to tell you more about it next week!


For now: the most popular posts of April (in case you haven’t read them yet)


1.Hotel du Ministere Apartment in Paris 


2.Casa Bonay in Barcelona 


3.Festival des Metiers in Amsterdam


4.Hotel Brummell in Barcelona 


5.Veranda in Antwerp

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