Oh yes! I’m a sucker for beautiful concept stores and Wer-haus in Barcelona (featured in The Barcelona Guide) made my heart beat faster. One word: wow! Wer-haus is a project by three guys in a former parking garage. I don’t know if you’ve been to parking garages in Barcelona, but if you can rebuild a dark, raw spaces into something like this you’re a real visionaire. The concept store is located on the busy Calle Aragon, very close to the Paseo de Gracia, but if you don’t know about it, you would easily walk past it. You enter the space via a gallery and a book store with interesting design, fashion and architecture books before coming inside the coffee bar, lunch cafe and store. I’ve tried one of their marble cakes and if I didn’t had breakfast at Hotel Brummell earlier, I would have ordered another piece. It was delicious! Upstairs they sell interesting brands not being sold that much in the rest of the city, like Raf Simons and Etudes Studio. You can also find shoes and bags upstairs. Okay I’ve talked enough: just check it out for yourself when you’re in Barcelona or look at the pictures here and imagine you’re there!


Check out: www.wer-haus.com


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