A new hotel concept in Amsterdam just opened the doors and I love it. It’s called Zoku and it’s the place to stay for global nomads who are in Amsterdam for a longer period, although you can also stay here for a night. Founders Hans Meyer and Marc Jongerius already started with the idea six years ago and to create the perfect hotel they let their target group get involved in the making-process by trying out an example room and let them criticize what worked and what didn’t. They worked closely with the architects of Concrete and the hotel room, or loft how they call it, is the perfect and inspiring example of creating a multifunctional space on a small surface (24m2 is the size of the normal Loft Room, the XXL is 30m2). Usually the bed is the centerpiece of a hotel room, but at Zoku you enter the room and see the kitchen and the living room at first. Because if you’re in Amsterdam for a longer period you would like to invite friends for dinner for example and then you don’t want them to sit on the bed. The bed however is a cozy nook inside the smart wooden installation you can close and open whenever you like (thank God for pictures because that explains it all, see underneath). A sort modern day bedstee. Nice! There’s a Muuto couch in the room, cool paintings you can switch in the artist-library to make it more personal, there’s a kitchen including a dish-washer, there’s a small office and a bathroom.


The check-in and social spaces of the hotel are on the sixth floor. Hans Meyer worked at CitizenM before and the check-in goes just as smoothly: via a computer screen in two minutes. Checking-out is even faster: you can even do it from the fast internet connection in your room. The beautiful green entrance to the social spaces is a true eye-catcher. On the sixth floor people come together and connections are being made. There are couches, long communal tables, a gaming room and even a guitar and keyboard if you want to make some music. The South-African chef Nicholas Wilkinson who worked at Ron Blaauw’s restaurants before likes to bring honestly produced food of local entrepreneurs to his restaurant. As a guest you can try out the three-course menu on the long communal tables – or on some of the private tables. Of course there’s a lot of space available for meetings or to get some work done. All in a beautiful, light atmosphere Concrete created.


Check out: www.livezoku.com







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