I have a thing for glass houses. Villa Augustus in Dordrecht, Babylonstoren in Cape Town, Gamla Orangeriet in Stockholm: all places with a super good vibe. Gamla Orangeriet was on my wish list for some time already, but since it’s located somewhat outside of the center I didn’t make it last time. I took the bus from the center to the North of Stockholm, close to the University (but you can also go with a bike, or even better by car). From there it’s a short walk to the botanical garden which is a stunning place to visit. You’ll see fruit (apple trees), vegetables (artichokes are so beautiful), flowers (sunflowers were in full bloom and lotuses in the pond) and plants. There’s a lake and two botanical gardens inside a green house.


And then there’s Gamla Orangeriet: a cafe in a glass house with a large terrace with a view over the garden. An unique place. It’s open from 11am in the morning and it stays open for lunch and drinks later on, but it closes for dinner because then it’s a popular location for events and weddings. You can order the food inside and I’ve tried one of their delicious sandwiches with gravad lax. It was actually quite a hard decision because the cakes were looking really good as well: they told me to go for the cheesecake next time. The juices are home made too and are a good refreshing drink during hot summer days.


Gamla Orangeriet is a great place to go to. If you’re with your girl/boyfriend, your family or even with your children. Everyone will love it!


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  • Loren

    31.08.2016 at 02:16 Reply

    Wow those views look like such a wonderful place to grab a cuppa and enjoy the outside air! What a beautiful place to get married too, looks like it would feel gardeny and like royalty!
    xo Loren //

    • Pauline Egge

      31.08.2016 at 09:24 Reply

      Hi Loren, yes, that was exactly my thought: amazing place to get married! And also to have a delicious Swedish lunch! 🙂

  • Elise Berg

    31.08.2016 at 13:12 Reply

    You can also go there by train , Roslagsbanan from Östra station, ( Tekniska Högskolan underground) to station Universitetet. And then a small walk. More pleasant trip ! / Elise

    • Pauline Egge

      31.08.2016 at 09:22 Reply

      Thanks for letting me, and the readers of Petite Passport, know Elise! Can’t wait to go back in the future! Best wishes, Pauline

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