The Dutch owner of La Granja in Ibiza wanted to do something different with his farm, one of the oldest in the island. He called Claus Sendlinger, CEO of, to help him create a place where people can eat, drink, stay, listen to music, do yoga, see out-door film screenings and follow workshops. Claus’ work for doesn’t need an introduction, but he is also someone who loves to come up with new hotel concepts. He introduced pop-up hotels like the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum and the San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos (which are still open) and now he launches his new project with La Granja called Friends of a Farmer.


Friends of a Farmer
Nowadays modern travellers do not want to stay at the same kind of property if they travel all over the world. They like to become a local, feel at home, get in touch with the habits of the place they are visiting. The creative nomads like to have friends all over the world and learn from them. That’s why they introduced La Granja as a membership-only retreat known as Friends of a Farmer. For 200 euro per season you can enjoy their facilities, have lunch and dinner and come to all the events they are hosting. From yoga to inviting a film director to tell the audience more about the film they are about to watch. This can be interesting if you live on the island, but of course you can also stay at the property and enjoy the facilities as well.


Food and interior
The interesting feature on La Granja is the huge farm belonging to the property. Chef José Catrimán takes care of the menu which consists mainly out of ingredients coming from the farm, some of them coming from the island (like the fresh fish) and others coming from the mainland. You dine at long communal tables to get a social feeling as well. The interior of La Granja is kept in style of the island, but with beautiful modern touches done by Armin Fisher of Dreimeta. An atmosphere that makes you start to whisper because it’s so serene and beautiful. There are only a few rooms and a guesthouse if you’re staying with a larger group. All the rooms have a dark color palette, some with a rooftop terrace, others with an authentic freestanding bath tub.


From 350 euro per night, check out:

















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