The area of Les Halles in the heart of Paris was under renovation for the last couple of years. What started as a happening (food)market in the 12th century ended up in an area where you didn’t go if you want to discover great spots (as Les Halles was filled with high street shops you could find anywhere in the world), but since this year it’s definitely a place to go with arrivals such as a huge flagshipstore of Muji, independent concept store Sept Cinq and the recently opened Champeaux.


Under La Canopée, a huge structure designed by Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti which contains 18.000 (!) glass shells, Alain Ducasse opened Champeaux this Summer. The well-known Michelin-starred chef and entrepreneur created a modern style bistro that fits the 21st century and opens its doors for everyone who want to try the delicious soufflés chef Bruno Brangea makes. From the lobster soufflé to the chocolate soufflé made of chocolate from La Manufacture, Ducasse’s own chocolate factory. Although you’re also welcome for a coffee or a cocktail. The mixologist, Marjolaine Alpin, comes from Canada and makes signature cocktails from flowers, fruit and vegetables. Definitely worth trying!


The interior is done by Ciguë, Parisian architects who also did the Aesop store in Le Marais among others. Maybe you remember the fall installation in that shop? When the whole store was filled with autumn leaves? It was stunning. Champeaux is a bistro of the 21st century and something totally different than you would expect of a bistro by a Michelin-starred chef. No white table cloths, but tables made of terrazzo that are meant to be seen. You will see a lot of steel, concrete and mirrors. An industrial feeling almost, but the colors (orange and green) and the leather seats bring some warmness to the place. I personally love the departures/arrivals board with the menu on it and the light beams above the restaurant and bar.


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  • Taste of France

    28.09.2016 at 13:17 Reply

    Monday’s offering sounds very good….though a soufflé would be hard to pass up.
    The only thing is that environments like this, with lots of hard surfaces, tend to be terribly noisy.

  • Culture Passport

    28.09.2016 at 19:08 Reply

    Looks so beautiful! Especially the neutral colors against the soft, green walls!


  • Boxon

    28.09.2016 at 06:41 Reply

    Very impressed with the roof and the lights …. a beautiful blend of colors

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