There’s already a Bar Central in Sodermalm, but more recently the owners opened one in the center of Stockholm too. On the busy Birger Jarlsgatan, close to Snickarbacken 7, and during lunch (when I visit) it’s packed with people who work in the area. I’ve spoken to one of the owners and the thing here at Bar Central is that they focus entirely on food from Central Europe. Their schnitzels for example are hugely popular. But I’ve tried their Spätzle, a German kind of pasta, with mushrooms, pumpkin, nuts and Gruyere cheese. It was very good – although not a very light dish. Apart from the food, they are also a must go for Pilsner Urquell (world first golden Pilsner from Czech Republic) and wines from Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. The interior is striking because of the beautiful green/white pattern on the ceiling and the green/red color palette in the rest of the space. The bar is spacious and in the middle of the restaurant. The place to enjoy your wine or beer before heading to your table. I would recommend you to make a reservation.


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