I love independent film houses as the atmosphere is so much better than a big movie theatre and the films are much more interesting (although I also did love the new block buster Bridget Jones’s Baby). At the newly opened FC Hyena in Amsterdam-North you can see the new docu of Rene Redzepi (Ants on a Shrimp), but also Deepwater Horizon with Mark Wahlberg and kids film Storks. FC Hyena is a project by Lotte Smit and Joris Brieffies. They love to bring good movies together with delicious food and wine. And even if you don’t like movies, you’re welcome to come in for a good glass of natural wine, a pizza or a dessert.


The interior is something new: in a time where you either have the minimalistic Scandinavian interiors or the warm luxurious Soho House inspired places, FC Hyena stands out in their primaire color palette of bright red, yellow, blue and green. I did ask Niels Wouters, owner of Hotel de Goudfazant and last year’s pop up Citroen, who helped with the creation of FC Hyena, about the idea behind it. ‘Well’, he told me, ‘I went to a thrift store and they sold big buckets of professional paint for 1 euro each. We didn’t know which color, but we took them anyway.’ The result is the green floor, the blue bathrooms and the red copy of the world-famous ‘Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue’. But we also see some design items like the Hella Jongerius Polder sofa (which moved from Cafe Modern to Hotel de Goudfazant and now to FC Hyena, a real hotspot-hopper) and the blue Ahrend 380 chairs by Studio Ineke Hans.


There are two film rooms. One with huge orange couches (as if you’re watching a film from your own sofa) and one with blue cinema chairs with numbers that absolutely don’t match and a wall made out of 1000’s of football photo’s.


Check out: www.fchyena.nl











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