The Dutch is a new hotel opening in Maastricht, the southernmost city in the Netherlands. When I thought of The Dutch I thought of that eponymous restaurant in Soho, NY, but you can also think of the exclusive golf course or just of The Dutch, the people from The Netherlands. The new hotel owners are also behind Beaumont Hotel and restaurant Harry’s, both around the corner from The Dutch. We park the car in the Q-park at the station, but you might as well come by train. Within five minutes you are in the pink, gold, green and blue lobby of The Dutch. You will see flamingos, but also wooden table games next to cool independent magazines like The Gentlewoman. The 80s theme of the hotel is visible in an instant.


The lobby
The lobby also serves as a bar. The gin & tonics are a must, but we’ve ordered an old-style Martini with ice. The homemade lemonade without alcohol is also a refreshing recommendation. What I like are the shenanigans found throughout the hotel. Such as coffee cups with the text ‘saving you from another ordinary night’. Or the mural with Jane Fonda in her fitness outfit that says ‘Jane wants you to take the stairs’. If you walk past the lobby you will pass a courtyard, also known as the jungle, containing a crocodile and gorilla. Statues, not real. In the back you’ll find The Hangout where you can drink coffee or tea, can get some work done or play a game of table-football.


The hotel has various room types and all of them have a Miami Vice-like color palette. So you’ll see a lot of pink, mint green, blue and yellow. Our room is the Extra Large Room, a huge spacious room on the top floor, with as a piece de resistance a huge tub made of beautiful pink tiles. There is a disco ball on the ceiling and as you turn it on a motive will appear on the walls and ceiling and ‘let’s get it on’ comes from the speakers. A room suitable for couples, that’s obvious. There are other room types too. Almost all of them have a bath and a colorful plaid that you immediately want to take home with you. Just like The Hoxton they give you a form to fill out the night before if you want to have simple breakfast delivered to your room (consisting of juice, yogurt, tangerine and a chocolate croissant) so you can have breakfast in bed – or if you have an appointment in the city quickly en route to your location.


The hotel is centrally located. Around the corner from Central Station and amidst the Wyck district where you can explore many interesting independent shops. Or can have lunch or dinner at the Wycker Cabinet for example. In five to ten minutes walking you’re in the city center.


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