It’s one of the hottest places in town regarding to how many people told me to go there when I asked for tips of Stockholm. Usine in Sodermalm is a huge industrial restaurant with three spaces: a bistro, tapas bar and a coffee bar where the people who work above the restaurant, locals and tourists like me go for a Swedish cake and a cup of coffee. The bistro focusses on the French kitchen but with a Swedish twist. And everyday they have two dishes of the day during lunchtime. Fish, meat and one vegetarian dish. The bistro is open for lunch and dinner. Then there’s the tapas bar where they serve the finest Spanish inspired dish of the day (and a vegetarian option). This part of the restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner. And there’s news: because Usine just opened a brand new restaurant in Kungsholmen (the area where you also find restaurants like Sixten & Frans and AG and one of the Grandpa stores). Check it out when you’re there! To be sure I would advice you to make a reservation.


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