I still remember visiting the first Hutspot on the Utrechtsestraat. A pop up store where the enthusiastic male owners rented space to young designers who couldn’t afford to open a brick and mortal store, but of course they wanted to share their products to a cool audience. And since the beginning Hutspot attracted a cool crowd interested in unique fashion, gifts and interior items. When that adventure ended they opened a store on the Van Woustraat, then another one on the Rozengracht (both in Amsterdam), before setting sight on other Dutch cities. Last year they’ve opened a store in Utrecht and since November they have a store in Rotterdam. When you enter that store you will feel a totally different vibe than the stores in Amsterdam. The first stores have a more vintage design feel to it, while the new ones are bright, fresh and modern. While all the other Hutspot stores have an in-house cafe, the Rotterdam store hasn’t. But you can recharge the batteries in a prototype virtual reality relaxing machine. And they have a ping pong table. Yes!


In terms of the collection they sell the same brands as in other stores – such as successful menswear brand ONTOUR, bikes of Veloretti and the bestselling Pikaplant. But they also sell products made by Rotterdam designers. Bags designed by Denise Roobol for example. A graduate from the Willem de Kooning Academy and a veganist so she decided to make bags with vegan materials from Hong Kong. The bags have a stunning minimalistic design and look like they’ve made out of leather, but they aren’t. A popular gift for the people of Rotterdam is Zeemansboter, organic peanutbutter. I personally liked the scented candles with a beautiful text on it. You see: you can go here for a new outfit for yourself, a piece of art made by Dutch designers or for a small gift.


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