Call me crazy, but I got tears in my eyes from the design and atmosphere of The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar in the Redfern district of Sydney. For my job I have to see so many spots and most things I’ve seen have been done a thousand times, so if you come to a place like this, so beautiful, so perfect, so unique and thought-through, makes me more than happy. And of course I share that experience gladly with you.


The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea is located in a small street within walking distance of The Old Clare Hotel (I will tell you more about that hotel later on). It is, as the name suggests, an organic teabar, because tea has become the new coffee. And the crowds prove that when I visit on a weekday. The place is completely full. The name of the bar is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and became an inspiration for the café. Just look at the packaging of the tea, the cups and even the doorknob: all have rabbits on them. The good thing about the menu is that the dishes come with a tea-suggestion. I just had breakfast at The Old Clare so I stuck to the Iced Ginger Snap Latte, a spicy, sweet and thirst quenching tea. And ordered their signature lavender shortbread, a cookie with edible flowers.


Matt Wood is the designer of The Rabbit Hole and was inspired by the Japanese art form Kintsugi where they make broken ceramics beautiful again with the use of gold. Take a look at the tea installation made by ceramics dancing on wooden poles. Also, the counter in the middle is made of broken ceramics. Don’t forget to admire the installation above that counter: an artwork made of teabags. Next door you’ll find yoga studio Humming Puppy – so if you like to start (or end) your class with a relaxing tea, this is also the place to go!


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