I’m standing in line to board an airplane from Bangkok to Hong Kong. In one hand a book, in the other I move my Bugaboo Boxer just like I see parents do when they are carrying their baby in a Bugaboo Stroller (must be the smooth wheels). I feel a man looking at me, well, not exactly at me, but at the Bugaboo Boxer. He walks away. Comes back with a friend. And from a distance they start discussing how stunning this suitcase is. They come closer and ask me about it: ‘We’re from Brazil and we’ve never seen a suitcase like this. Wow! How does it work?’ I explain them by showing how you fold it in and get the wheels out. I also tell them there’s a big suitcase belonging to the set too (see picture below). And I click it on when I arrive at the destination. It’s simple, quick and obviously beautiful.


The labrador pup of suitcases

My Bugaboo Boxer arrived just in time for my big 6-week journey to Asia and Australia and after that I’ve travelled with it to Copenhagen, the South of France, Barcelona and New York. I’ve never, in my entire life, got so many comments about something I’m wearing. It’s like I’m walking with a labrador pup everyone wants to touch. I see people looking at it when I fold it in and it becomes a tiny little package you can easily take on board. Stewards look puzzled, think it’s way too big as a carry-on but then I fold in the wheels and they are like: ‘we’ve never seen this but it’s the best thing ever! I want to have it as well. Where can I buy it?’ Nowadays my traveling is more about explaining about the Bugaboo Boxer than telling people where to go!

How does it work

Okay so what’s the new thing about it. Bugaboo is the Dutch design company behind the famous strollers. So they start developing a new kind of luggage system based on what people like about the strollers: easy to use, light-weighted, beautiful and super practical. So they came up with the Bugaboo Boxer. It all evolves around the chassis. On that super smooth base of the system you can easily click different kinds of suitcases. Like the big one if you’re traveling for 6-weeks and you click the small one on it, so you’ll only have to carry one piece instead of two. Also on the chassis is a laptop bag which is fantastic during customs because you don’t have to open the whole suitcase anymore (only for your make-up bag).

Don’t pull, push

The new and striking thing however is that you’re not pulling the suitcase behind you. No, you’re pushing it – yes, as a stroller. With four wheels. That makes traveling smoother and you don’t feel you’re carrying any heavy stuff. It’s also very easy to click the wheels in. So it will leave you with a small package (which fits in as a carry-on). I had to say I was a little bit nervous when I boarded a low-cost carrier to Barcelona. But there wasn’t a problem at all.


During my big trip one of the wheels broke off almost at the end of the trip – which is probably because I’ve stayed at a different hotel almost every day during the trip and used the Bugaboo Boxer very intensely walking from one hotel to the other, taking taxis, subways and flights. In a few days they’ve send me a new chassis from Europe to the hotel I was staying at in Bangkok. And I could go on. Service is quick and perfect.


On top of my wish list

While I’m looking for my boarding pass and passport to board a flight to New York I hear a group of women behind me talking about my Bugaboo Boxer. They haven’t seen anything like this before: ‘Look at how beautiful this suitcase is!’ They start asking me for the name and as a true ambassador I tell them all about the wheels and the laptop case. We chat for a few minutes when they say: ‘It’s now on top of my wish list.’ Put it on yours as well, you’ll love it!


Check out: www.bugaboo.com 


Thank you Martin for taking these pictures!




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