If a restaurant’s name is The Never Ending Summer you want to go there immediately right? Well, do not go here for the name alone, because you will also love the location, the food and, wow, the interior!


Cleaning day

The first time I go to The Never Ending Summer I take a cab. The cab-driver doesn’t know where we’re going and I’ll have to guide him with the help of Google Maps (thank god for that!). He drops me off at the Millennium Hilton as he is really confused, so I say: okay, let me walk the last part. A short walk alongside the river brings me to the restaurant which has a Cleaning Day and is closed.


Arrive by boat

But I learn a better way to get there. Take the free boat shuttle to the Millennium Hilton hotel from Saphan Taksin, the subway station and you’ll be there much quicker. And it’s a better route as you will see Bangkok from the river. Okay: a few days later I try again and they are open. So I will have lunch at The Never Ending Summer.


A true discovery

You know me for a few years already and I love to find cool spots in unexpected places. Sometimes you go to areas like Nolita in New York or Surry Hills in Sydney and the most fantastic addresses are lined up next to each other but if it takes a little effort to arrive to an amazing restaurant it’s so rewarding. That’s the case with The Never Ending Summer.


Dream project of a famous Thai architect

It’s basically the dream project of a famous Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag of DBALP. He founded an old factory complex for his office and decided to also build a restaurant, a shop and a book-store/library there. Called The Jam Factory. Beautifully situated on the river and although it’s open for a few years already, it still has a local vibe.


Restaurant in former factory

The restaurant is jaw-dropping beautiful. It has a lot of plants, an industrial feel and the service is superb. When they come asking me for my choice I was still in awe by looking at the restaurant. At the open kitchen, the atmosphere and I think a very famous and striking Thai Fashion Influencer who took the time for a photo shoot in the restaurant.


Thai menu

The menu is all about typical Thai dishes with a modern touch. The chef uses local and fresh ingredients and I was told to order the Coconut milk spicy & sour soup and the red curry with roasted Four Seasons duck as they are the most popular dishes on the menu – and the most spicy I think too. But more than delicious!


No website, but check out their Facebook page.





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