When I was in Singapore the first time I had lunch at JAAN, a Michelin-starred restaurant with an impressive view, by French chef Julien Royer. Now the chef has opened Odette, inside the National Gallery Singapore.


Fine-dining restaurants nowadays

A few years ago fine-dining restaurants had a high threshold. The food was exquisite, but interior-wise the restaurants were a bit stiff. Waiters acting like robots, a grey-suit wearing target group and heavy chairs and white linnen. I think it started with Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer. They hired a contemporary design firm (Space Copenhagen) to let the interior get on the same level of their food: innovating and inspiring. They lowered the threshold (even more recently when they opened a noma pop-up in the jungle of Tulum) and a new group of food- and designlovers were putting restaurants like this on their wish list. Other examples are The Jane in Antwerp, Dabbous in London and Celeri in Barcelona.


Inspiring entrepreneurs coming together at Odette

And then there’s Odette in Singapore. The National Gallery is super innovative and apart from top level exhibitions they invited the best entrepreneurs for their hospitality projects (also check out new-style museum shop Gallery & Co). At Odette Julien Royer worked together with the Lo & Behold Group, the hospitality tastemakers behind a lot of cool addresses such as The Warehouse Hotel. And Universal Design Studio from Singapore, but based in London. You may know them from their work at Ace Hotel London and more recently At Six in Stockholm.


The interior

They’ve created a magical restaurant in a color palette of grey and pink and the use of a lot of terrazzo. The tables have white linnen on them but because of the minimalistic table set it it never feels stiff. My personal most striking feature was the cluster of mobiles hanging above four tables. The chef told me it’s made out of super zoomed-in pictures of food like truffles. Also check out the lovely illustrations in the private dining room (made by Dawn Ng). And if you were wondering where the name Odette comes from? It’s the name of the chef’s grandmother.


The food

Then the food. The restaurant has already two Michelin-stars and won several other prestigious food awards. Signature dishes are the beetroot and the pigeon dishes. The Hay-Roasted pigeon was on the menu at JAAN too and is a true recommendation. You’re in for a treat at Odette if you love modern French cuisine.


Check out: www.odetterestaurant.com







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