I’m a big fan of the work of Sibella Court, a famous stylist from Sydney. She has an impeccable sense of style, writes very inspiring books and luckily via Instagram we can now follow her daily finds. She now also has her own Society Inc Warehouse and I went there to see the store and hear her story.


An old warehouse factory in St Peters

To discover Sydney you’ll need some time. Not if you’re happy with just seeing the Opera House and Bondi Beach, but if you’re like me and love to discover the more special places to really step into the creative vibe of the city, add some extra days to the itinerary. The Society Inc Warehouse for example isn’t located in the center, but in an area called St Peters, closer to the airport than the city.


Surfboards and scented candles

In a cool industrial area called Precinct 75 you’ll find a lot of creative companies working together in warehouses. There’s a cafe, a brewery, gym, a florist, shops and they organize markets on a frequent base. The Society Inc Warehouse is a gem full of wonderful things. Small things like a candle or a key chain. And big things like surfboards (essential in every East-coast interior) and lamps.


New hardware line

New is their own hardware line with things that make your home even more beautiful. Like the ‘Hello Sailor Knocker’ or the ‘Shanty Bottle Opener’. When I visited in March they were about to launch it in Australia. But the line will be available around the world soon too. And of course you can always visit their webshop if you’re not visiting Sydney anytime soon.


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Of course The Society Inc Warehouse is featured in The Australia Guide. A super thick online guide with all my favorite addresses of Sydney and Melbourne. 











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  • kiralik villa

    13.07.2017 at 19:39 Reply

    I like that kind of places. In your photos, I like pillows and candles most. I’m planning to visit Sydney so my first stop will be Society Inc Warehouse. Your shots are gorgeous.

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