Just like in Singapore the hotels are huge in Bangkok. When the owner of the newly opened Volve Hotel Bangkok went to the municipality to register his hotel they were like: ‘a hotel with 28 rooms? Are you serious?’ Yes, he was. On the place where he and his family grew up, he build a hotel with modern Scandinavian like rooms and a big connection to the local community.

The coolest area in town

Volve Hotel is located in the coolest area in town called Thonglor. Easy to reach with the subway. Which is the best way to get around town as you’ll be stuck in traffic for ages if you take a taxi. Just like the rest of Bangkok the area of Thonglor is huge. I thought it’s easy to walk everything, but also because of the temperatures, it’s best to take a scooter-taxi or take the local bus. When you arrive at the hotel the staff is not only welcoming you with a refreshing drink but also with a beautiful illustrated map of the nicest spots to go.

View over the city

As said there are 28 rooms all with a beautiful view over Bangkok or the local area. There are four different room types. Even the smallest is already 22 sqm so you’ll be having a lot of space. I’ve stayed in the second room categorie: the deluxe corner. There’s a couch, a good bed, a table to work on and a nice bathroom. The view however is the best part. With windows from ceiling to the floor you’ll be able to stare out over Bangkok for hours.


Waffles for breakfast

There’s also a spacious lobby wit a modern design, but with local touches. Such as the long communal table  which was saved from the former tenants. Don’t forget to look at the local paintings in the stairway: they resemble Bangkok and have a cat in every painting. In the basement you will find the breakfast area which will soon also be open for lunch and dinner. I really liked the waffles and fruit salads for breakfast. A good way to start the day!


Check out: volvehotel.com  








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  • Daisy

    07.07.2017 at 09:29 Reply

    we would like to share our bad & awful experience when we had a short stay in volve hotel bangkok.

    The floor, bedsheets, wardrobe and so as the glass cups were full of dust . The room environment made my friend and i felt itching all over our bodies.

    The toilet was not installed properly. It was only temporarily hanging over the wall. Evertime when we were sitting on the toilet
    bowl, we heard the sound “crack…crack…crack”. We will never know when it will be collapsed down on the floor.

    On the first day of our check-in, the toilet bowl was not well-functioning. After flusing the toilet, the toilet water kept over flowing.

    The worst was no water for the shower at mid-night time. Pity me had already shampoo my hairs. And put shower gel all over my body,…what can i do? Oh my god…

    We used to think this would only happened in the movies. But would never know it would really happened to me.

    Based on our real experience, we would not recommend volve hotel bangkok to any visitors.

    • Pauline Egge

      07.07.2017 at 09:48 Reply

      Hi Daisy, thank you for your comment and for sharing this! I’m really sorry to hear this as I did have a completely different experience. Your opinion is really important to me – and the readers – so I will think of what to do next. Warm wishes, Pauline

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