Cafe Herman Cafe Herman Den Bosch is a new cafe in a former water tower that happens to be a perfect lunch spot. Let’s explore!


10 minute walk from the city

You won’t stumble upon Cafe Herman easily because the new cafe isn’t located in the center of Den Bosch. But since Den Bosch isn’t a big city it’s only a 10-minute walk from the Sint-Janskathedraal. No excuse to not put the cafe on your itinerary!


In a former water tower

The cafe isn’t hard to spot as it is located in a former water tower and there’s a big terrace in front of it. They’ve kept the industrial feeling inside of the tower with a cafe on the ground floor and more like a bar setting upstairs. Some of the details are incredible. Like the lightbulb above the bar on the first floor and the chairs with gold accent.


Manchego sandwich

I’m here during lunch time so I’ll order their most popular dish: the sandwich with manchego, nuts, jam and vegetables. It’s delicious. They also serve organic lemonade, coffee by Bean Brothers and delicious small bites.


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    One of the things I really like about the blog is this type of post in the category tried & tested, sometimes we’re just looking for some tips or magical and really amazing places when we have a destination in mind and this is just perfect. It’s simple but catchy. Thank you for the recomendation!

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