The first Arck opened two years ago in Tielrode and now the owners transformed a former knitwear factory into a new Arck in Sint-Niklaas. And I’m the first guest to try it out!


Former knitwear factory

Sint-Niklaas is a textile city in Belgium conveniently located in between Antwerp and Gent. Bas and Nele, the owners of Arck and architects themselves, found a former knitwear factory there and moved their studio from Tielrode to Sint-Niklaas. From the outside it looks like a normal building, but once inside you’ll notice the amount of space. There’s Fabriek in the back, where they organize events and in October and November there will be a pop-up cafe for lunch. There’s Man Architecten, the architect studio. And then there’s Arck in the former house of the family who owned the knitwear factory.


Art Deco details

They had to renovate the space entirely. And by doing that the authentic Art Deco details became visible. Like stained glass, wooden doors and the tiles on the floor. Another striking feature is the roof in the living room. The former owner told Bas that centuries ago a roof like this costs almost the same as a small home. They kept the original details in tact and worked with their favorite (Belgian) brands to give it a modern feel. Like the First Rocking Chair by Muller & van Severen in the living room, accessories by Serax and the fantastic stools by Doorzon.


Valentine & Elodie

For now there are two rooms: Valentine and Elodie. Named after the daughters of the owner of the knitwear factory who lived here back in 1933. Valentine has a blue/grey color palette and is slightly bigger. It has a bath and a covered terrace with a yoga corner and a stove by Weltevree. Elodie is every girls dream: completely in powder pink with furniture of Muller & van Severen.



If you think of Belgium you think of Antwerp, Gent and Brussels, but why should we go to Sint-Niklaas? The idea is to stay here for a few days (minimal stay is two nights) so you can explore Sint-Niklaas and more importantly to enjoy your time at Arck. They have a lot of (design) books lying around, there’s a record player, a Samsung Serif TV and you can cook your own dinner in the beautiful kitchen (look at that Smeg oven!). And a stay in Sint-Niklaas combines perfectly with a train ride to Antwerp or Gent.


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