Say hello to October. One of my favorite months as I really love autumn. This is the month to visit nature and see the trees turn yellow and red and smell the scent of the leaves. Of course I have some recommendations for you. The most obvious one is New York where Central Park is going to be so beautiful. Another one is a visit to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark where one space has a floor to ceiling window looking out to the forest in front of you. I went to It Flinke Boskje in Friesland in winter when it was snowing but it must be amazing in fall too. My ultimate travel goal autumn wise is to take a train in Canada and see all those beautiful fall colors. You see: there’s always a lot to discover! I will take you to an extremely stunning fall location at the end of this month and I hope you will show me your fall spots via #petitepassport on Instagram. Always nice to see the world through the eyes of my favorite people: the readers of Petite Passport!


For now: I love to share the most popular posts of last month:


1.Casa Cook in Kos


2.Manon les Suites in Copenhagen


3.Hotel National des Arts et Metiers in Paris


4.De Maria in New York


5.Arck in Sint-Niklaas 

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