It’s always nice to discover new hospitality concepts. Looksee Looksee Singapore is one of them. Best described as a design reading room. Let’s explore!


Design reading room

Looksee Looksee is part of Lo & Behold’s Headquarters, the company behind super cool spots like The Warehouse Hotel and Odette. Looksee Looksee is a design reading room where they have a curated selection of the best (design) books for you to read. Attached to every book is a little card telling you who recommended the book and why. You can find books on design, architecture, travel, fashion, food and also about spirituality (like the book about Headspace by Andy Puddicombe).


Tea bar

Just like all of their restaurants the pastel-colored interior is of course finger-licking good. Love the pink couch and the way they present the books. The idea is that you read the books there – you’re not allowed to bring them home. There’s also a tea bar inside where you can order tea and decide for yourself how much you pay. I can’t wait to see more initiatives like this in the rest of the world!


Check out: www.lobehold.com/looksee







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