Chillhouse in New York is the place to get your nails done in a design setting. Oh and there’s a cafe too!


Nail art inspired by Kusama

Chillhouse just opened the doors when I was in New York in May and is already featured in The New York Guide. If you want to get your nails done in a beautiful setting you have to head to Downtown NY. The space is bright and stylish. It is divided into three parts: a cafe, the nail salon and a massage salon. Since it’s such a hot spot you need to book your treatment in advance. The signature nail designs are stunning. There’s Matisse, inspired by the artist. Or Kusama if you love the work of the Japanese artist. Road Blocks is interesting for everyone who loves a geometrical design. California Hard-Edge is inspired by Pop Art. You get it: it’s really hard to make a choice!


Massage salon and cafe

Next to the nail salon you will find the massage salon where you can walk in for a quick (25 minute) fix or for The Works if you have more time and want to leave the salon super zen. Chillhouse also has a lovely – and very Instagrammable cafe. Where you can order super healthy drinks, avocado toast or a vegan parfait bowl.


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