Normally I only write about restaurants, shops and hotels with a cool design, but Fosbury & Sons in Antwerp can not be missed on Petite Passport. Fosbury & Sons is a co-working space so inspiring you can’t stop working!


Transforming a former electricity tower

About a year and a half ago I received an invitation for the launch of Fosbury & Sons. In a former electricity tower there was a long table in the middle of a huge concrete space. Which made you wonder: what are they gonna make of this? I already knew Anais and Michiel of Going East from their work for Veranda (a highly recommendable restaurant in Antwerp) and my expectations were really high. Fast forward to November 2017 when Fosbury & Sons has been open for a year – I know: very late for my first visit – and the place is an absolute gem.


Mix of entrepreneurs

Fosbury & Sons is only accessible for members. You can buy a day pass (15 euros) which gives you a nice spot in the general area (handy if you’re only in Antwerp for a day or a few days). But you can also rent a fixed Suite so you have your own space and can even work on a deadline at 3 o’clock in the night. The mix of freelancers and young entrepreneurs is inspiring. They learn from each other. If a creative eyewear brand has a question about graphic design or on a legal level, someone can always be found.


Beautiful design setting

When I sat down in the cafe (a collab with Coffeelabs) area I imagined myself working here. The inspiring design setting really got me: the rawness of the building is still visible, but together with the beautiful art, furniture and the steel doors and windows it all comes together. A frequently heard argument from independent entrepreneurs is that they are too distracted at home. We have to do the laundry, drink tea and why not clean out the closet? At Fosbury & Sons you sit down and you see all those other diligent workers, so you will automatically get to work. A beautiful environment, but certainly also a ‘stick behind the door‘ (Dutch expression) to finish your work.



The good thing about creative co-working spaces like Fosbury & Sons is that they regularly organize events. This can be from a drink on Friday or watching a football game on a big screen. But on a frequent base they invite someone to talk about his/her expertise. You can learn a lot from it as an entrepreneur. A designer can learn from a sales representative, a journalist from a photographer. Since the opening small companies  grew and now they are turning another floor into a new Fosbury & Sons department. They also like to expand to other cities. To be continued…


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  • Natalia

    28.11.2017 at 04:24 Reply

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love places with a strong industrial vibe.

    • Pauline Egge

      28.11.2017 at 09:31 Reply

      Me too! Such a stunning place! Warm wishes, Pauline

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