During my last trips I’ve tried and tested the Cabin Trolley of Horizn Studios. And I love to share my experience.


Smart luggage

Horizn Studios is a smart luggage brand from Berlin. Their mission is to develop innovative products for travellers in the digital age. Think of bags, wallets, laptop cases and of course luggage (both cabin luggage as check-in luggage). Of course they all have a beautiful, minimalistic design, but what makes this brand really stand out is the technology coming with it. Like the built-in charger, a GPS-system and a personal concierge.


Cabin luggage

I’ve tried out their Cabin Luggage model M in Navy. Model M comes with a front pocket for your laptop in Italian leather. As I always travel with my laptop and tablet it’s easier going through customs and you don’t have to open the whole suitcase when you just want to work on some emails while you’re waiting for a flight. Inside you’ll have two separate spaces for clothing, your beauty case and some extras. There’s also an extra bag for small things like a pen and a notebook. Usually I use it for storing my receipts and business cards.


Where to go next

Inside the suitcase you’ll find a little note telling you that the wheels come from Japan, the shell from Germany, the leather front pocket from Italy and the nylon from Taiwan. The suitcase is made in China before they ship it to you and then it says: “Chances are you also have some pretty diverse roots and an even more colorful map ahead of you. That’s how we are connected. I can’t wait to see where we’ll go next.” Love the fact that a company from Berlin comes up with an idea and now travellers are taking their idea (the cabin trolley) to all those beautiful places worldwide. In my case to the Vipp Shelter and Vipp Loft in Scandinavia.


Never out of batteries with the built-in charger

We’ve talked about the beauty, but the most important feature is the built-in charger. Nowadays your smartphone is one of the most important travel buddy’s as Google Maps shows you the way, you can upload your experience via Instagram and download the Petite Passport Guide to see where you would like to have lunch. It all takes a lot of your battery and especially if you have a long trip ahead of you (or have a delayed flight) it comes as a relief to have a built-in charger. And you don’t have to go sit with your fellow-social-media junkies at the one corner on an airport where they can charge your phone.


GPS-service and travel assistant

You can take out the charger. Super handy if you’re in the plane or you’re doing a city trip and absolutely don’t want to lose your connection because you run out of batteries. But there’s more: Horizn Studios also offers the option to add a GPS-device to your luggage so you can always track the location. And you can sign up for their Travel Assistant for inspiration and assist you with bookings and other travel related questions.


Ultimate design travel companion

Highly recommended for frequent travellers who love design and technology – and especially for those who can get a little bit tensed when their phone says: ‘only 10% battery left’. Those worries belong to the past with the Horizn Cabin Trolley.


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