It’s December and I wanted an extra beautiful wrapping paper to pack the Petite Passport Guides. The designers of Foreign Policy Design made two beautiful designs. And from now on I’m wrapping all the guides in it!


Passport shapes

Since I’ve started Petite Passport I loved the work of Foreign Policy Design. The business card of Table no 1 in Shanghai is unique and stunning, just like the ‘Open Sesame’ key-cards of The Waterhouse at Southbund. Beautiful in design, but always with a little wink and they dare to think out of the box. They traveled with my tips, I followed their work, we met in Singapore and in 2014 I launched the new Petite Passport website under their design. In everything they design for me they use the passport as an inspiration – but never obvious and always in style. This is also how the new wrapping paper came about: the designs are derived from the shapes you can find in passports. I love them both and it is a pleasure to wrap the guides in it!


Thank you everyone at Foreign Policy Design!



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