If you want to open a plant store you have to opt for the Groenkwartier (the green quarter) right? Let’s visit The Plant Corner in Antwerp.


It all started with Epiphytes

Sofie, the owner of The Plant Store, was traveling with her boyfriend through California when she saw epiphytes, small plants without a pot or soil. She liked them so much that she started Phyt, an online store selling those plants. That went so well that she decided to open a store, where she not only sells the Phyt plants, but also other plants, pots, accessories and books.


Everything for the plant lover

In the upcoming Groenkwartier you will see more and more young people buying houses who all want plants in their homes. The majority of the plants they sell at The Plant Corner are therefore quite large. As a kind of furniture the plant turns up in the living rooms. But you’ve also reached the right place if you’re looking for a little something for a plant lover. And even for those who say they can’t keep a plant alive. Give him/her the book: ‘How not to kill your plants.’ (insert #wink here)



And then there are the workshops she organizes. One has the same title as the book described above, which is for people who want to keep their plants alive for once. But I also like the ‘Make your own Christmas Wreath’ workshop this month.


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