In the former Pastoefabriek (the factory where they once made Pastoe furniture) in Utrecht you can now find two restaurants: De Zagerij and Het Ketelhuis.



The Pastoefabriek is located just outside the center, in the district of Rotsoord. Not a place you’ll find easily by just exploring the city, but, as always, it’s often the hidden gems that make us most happy. De Zagerij can be described as an industrial restaurant with high ceilings and many authentic details. Including the Pastoe furniture.


The Food

You can go to De Zagerij for a cup of coffee with one of the magazines in the morning, have lunch in the afternoon or make a reservation for dinner. The kitchen is located in the center of the restaurant so the chefs can (almost) see everyone enjoying their food. You can order a la carte, or have the 3-, 4-, or 5-course menu. We’ve ordered the 3-course menu which included mackerel tartare, diamond tenderloin and a bread and butter pudding as dessert. A true recommendation!


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