A family album of a Belgian family found on a flea market in Belgium was the starting point of Hotel Habituel, a brand new hotel next to Gare du Nord in Paris.


Next to Gare du Nord

You get off the train at Gare du Nord, take ten steps and you stand in front of the narrow facade of Hotel Habituel. The second hotel concept of Yoan Marciano, which is also the owner of Hotel du Temps. The hotel is located next to Gare du Nord, the busiest train station in Europe. And the travelers are the basis for the inspiration of the rooms. For example, we see a Scottish pattern in the curtains in one of the rooms.


North Paris

Apart from travelers, northern Paris is a source of inspiration as well, because that part of the city also connects the city with the world. Via Gare du Nord, but also via Paris-Charles de Gaulle and the Summer Olympics that will take place in 2024. In the neighborhood we find Tamil curry houses next to African wax outlets. Which influences also can be found in the hotel. Like the plaid on the bed in my room.


Family photo album of Belgian family

All rooms are different, but all have the same common denominator. In every room and in the lobby we find the photos of that Belgian family. The family album consisted of 200 photos and they are presented in colorful frames. You can see the family sitting in front of a caravan, for example. Or standing on a piste. The photo album was found on a flea market in Belgium and the owner has no idea who the family is. It would be nice if the grandchildren ever find out, just like what happened at Pensao Agricola in Tavira around an old photo of the family that once lived in that farm.


Recommended rooms

As a room I would recommend number 603 – a spacious suite with a nice sofa, a lovely bed and a large bathroom with bath. I slept in one of the smallest rooms (I traveled alone) and that was also a really nice room (number 202). The bed is located against the wall which gives a cozy effect. The hooks on the paneling (which reminded me of the now closed 1 Leicester Street Hotel in London) come in handy. You have enough space to hang your coat, umbrella and scarf. I personally liked the bedspread – very nice and warm.


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