A new coffee and wine bar run by two Swedish friends in Amsterdam-Oost. Say hello to 4850.


The magic number

It happens more often. Restaurants and hotels naming their spot after the house number. 212 in Amsterdam, 11 Howard in New York, Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp, 108 in Copenhagen. And now we can add 4850 to the list, which is located on number 48-50.


Coffee and wine

4850 was founded by Rikard Andersson (known from Scandinavian Embassy) and Daniel Schein (who worked as a sommelier at In de Wulf and BAK). Both wanted to put excellent coffee and wine in the spotlight. They work with different coffee roasters. When I was there with Nomad from Barcelona, but before that also with Coffee Collective from Copenhagen.


Champagne by the glass

In the afternoon the attention goes out to the wines: and there are many very good ones. They work with the Coravin, an ingenious device making it possible to offer wine by the glass because you don’t have to uncork the bottle. With this the wine bar can keep the wines longer and you don’t have to order a whole bottle as a client. Another special aspect on the menu is that you can also order champagne by the glass. And if you don’t drink alcohol, it isn’t a problem either. Then the delicious Kefir Pet-Nat is a must.



In addition, it is possible to order (finger) food. From oysters to cheeses, but also a mushroom ravioli to a tartar on hang dried beef, caviar and foie gras.


Check out: www.4850nl.tumblr.com






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