Now that February is over I like to share some of my personal good things from the past month. And of course your highlights (meaning: the most popular posts on Petite Passport). On number 1: Heroine in Rotterdam. I received so many nice emails/messages of you telling me how much you liked it. So I’m not the only one telling you to go there. Now!


Good Things February:


Snow in Paris



Lunch at 212 in Amsterdam. So good!



That I was able to stay in the most romantic hotel room in Paris at the moment. In the month of love.



The artwork of Leando Erlich at Le Bon Marche.



I did find so many cool discoveries in Paris: all can be found in The Paris Guide which is already available to download!



That I’m becoming an aunt! And I can’t travel without buying something for my future niece/nephew. This small gift was bought at Billie Rose in Gent



I bought my new favorite sweater in Paris. And now I want to wear it everyday.



That Rotterdam-West is evolving in a super interesting way: as seen through the eyes of Object Rotterdam.



Anne Timmer who has made a new professional photo of me – the old one still dated from 2015. Soon on the About Page and in the guides.



That the Scheepskameel is still fantastic.



People who let me know they are happy with the guide or with one of the recommendations on my site. This month I received a lot of positive feedback on 108 in Copenhagen, Heroine in Rotterdam and Babylonstoren close to Cape Town.



That Chinese New Year started with a sweet cuddly dog ​​I received from Cathay Pacific, the airline I made that beautiful trip to Asia and Australia with in 2017.



Sirin, one of the beautiful shops selling The Petite Passport Guides, has new guides in. Go there if you’re in Copenhagen!



When I was at Parqiet earlier this month I’ve heard that the first day people were sitting outside on their terrace last year was at the beginning of March. Spring is almost here!



That I was a bridge controller for a day at the recently opened Sweets Hotel in Amsterdam.



The most popular posts of February:


1.Heroine in Rotterdam

2.Kind of OJ in Bruges

3.Cantine Copine in Bruges

4.Grands Boulevards in Paris 

5.The Bunkers in Knokke 




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