Casa Flora is a beautiful apartment designed by young Italian designers. The ideal place to stay if you love design and want to be close to all the famous sights.


Italian hotel family

The grandfather of Gioele Romanelli opened Hotel Flora more than fifty years ago. You can say that running a hotel is in his blood. After the opening of Hotel Novecento, a small boutique hotel with only 9 rooms, the apartment next to Hotel Flora came available. Gioele decided to turn it into a design apartment together with Diego Paccagnella, the founder of Design Apart, a platform that links Italian design to customers in New York.


Working with Italian designers

Of course they could choose a big Italian designer to work on their project, but that wasn’t their intention. In the Summer of 2015 they invited six young Italian designers for a residence. That’s when their concept came about. They wanted to provide a home to people who love design in their beloved Venice. Mass tourism is a thorn in the eye for the city. Tourists leave their cruise-ships for a few hours as if they were in Disneyland trying out several attractions. While the city has much more to offer: inspiring museums such as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Punta Della Dogana and the Olivetti Showroom, excellent restaurants like La Zucca and an independent book store with a beautiful collection called Bruno.


Like a local

That’s why Casa Flora wants you to experience the city as a local. They give unique tips on their Inside Venice platform, but they also organize unique experiences. They work together with Estro for example for a culinary treat. Two brothers take you to the market, do some shopping and make a delicious and authentic Venice meal for you back in the house. Or you can invite Gabriele Gmeiner who will make a personal pair of tailor-made shoes for you.


Venice as an inspiration

The idea for Casa Flora started in 2015, but in 2017 they opened the doors. Perfect in time for the Art Biennale. Architect Matteo Ghidoni and interior designer Lauri Sari are responsible for the entire place, but they worked together with more than 20 local companies. It almost feels like you’re walking through a museum full of contemporary Italian design. There is that beautiful kitchen. A design by TM Italia. And a place where, even if you don’t like cooking, you would want to spend all of your evenings here. In almost all of the designs they look at Venice for inspiration. The countertop of the kitchen for example is made of a green stone with the same color of the canals and is also used in many palaces and churches.


Lots of green

Throughout the house, the colors are also inspired by the lagoon, the water surrounding Venice. Not only that bright blue, but also light pink, yellow and green. We see the colors in the kitchen, dining room and living room. But also in the three bedrooms and their bathrooms filled with many plants. The spacious shower cabins are also equipped with a steam cabin for the spa effect. And of course you will find many plants throughout the house: it is not called Casa Flora for nothing!


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