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If you want to immerse yourself completely in the world of Swedish stylist and designer Ulrika Lundgren, book a night, or two, at Maison Rika in Amsterdam.


The world of Maison Rika

Everyone wanted the leather bag with the iconic star Ulrika Lundgren designed back in 2005. The line expanded and now consists of T-shirts, sweaters, dresses and much more. Nowadays, many brands want to create a brand experience. Selling products is one thing, but it’s more importantly to immerse your customers in the world your brand represents. A good example is the Vipp Shelter in Sweden where you stay in a tiny house fully equipped with products from Vipp. Ulrika didn’t only create a fashion line, but also a magazine, opened two boutiques and two guest rooms fully decorated in her unique style.


Designer Canal House stay

The tiny canal house is located on the corner of the Herengracht and the Oude Spiegelstraat. A unique location with an enchanting view. Magnetic too, because it takes some effort to disconnect from it and go out to explore the city. Although you don’t have to go that far as Maison Rika is located in the middle of the 9 Streets. On the ground floor of Maison Rika you’re being welcomed in a kind of boudoir-like setting with lots of beautiful things. Her own collection of sweaters, but also those of Holiday Magazine. Also striking is the huge collection of scented candles by different perfume houses. And I also love the collage made of ceramics on the wall.


Magnetic view, art and striped bathrobes

Via a narrow black staircase you go up the rooms. I’ve stayed in The View. In The Loft you sleep under the authentic beams. I think both rooms are romantic, but maybe The Loft is just a bit more romantic. If I have to designate three things as favorites in my room, then the first thing is the magnetic view. Then I love the art of San Ming. And the striped bathrobes by Maison Rika were the ones I wanted to take home. It truly is a refuge, rather than a hotel room. One you would expect a writer to stay in order to deliver a next bestseller.


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