April was all about Portugal on Petite Passport. I hope you liked traveling with me to Porto and Lisbon this month. I think you did if I see your enthusiasm on the posts and The recently published Lisbon Guide. My mission is to bring you to the most inspiring design addresses and it’s a dream that I can add another city to the collection: The printed Lisbon Guide will be available in about a month (pre-order yours here or go for the online guide).



One of the highlights of the month was a vegetarian dinner at Mondo Deli in Porto, I also loved meeting so many people in Portugal who already owned one (or two) of the Petite Passport Guides, then there’s a new seller in The States called Common Place Books in Oklahoma and I want to go there every Friday after work to buy a new book for the weekend as the store is so beautiful. Victoria of SF Girl by Bay wrote a really nice article about the guides and my Instagram. I really liked the way people responded on the post on Instagram on single travel.


I had the most amazing Portuguese lunch at Prado in Lisbon. Was very inspired by the Kinfolk Home book inside The Lisboans Apartment. Bought two speckled pans at A Vida Portuguese and I was able to fit it into my hand luggage (mainly because I’ve stuffed my trolley with guides for people in Lisbon and I had more space when I returned ;). Petite Passport is featured in Swiss design magazine Espaces Contemporains. I’m hooked on Netflix’s Casa de Papel and I am reading Timothy Ferriss’ new book. And I’m super happy that Pantoufle is now open again!


Most popular posts

Now let’s take a look at Google Analytics. In April these spots were the most popular:


1.Mondo Deli in Porto 


2.Mi Casa en Lisboa


3.Maison Rika in Amsterdam


4.Heroine in Rotterdam


5.Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon 


Enjoy May! x Pauline



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