And here we are in June already! But first look back at May.


How was your month regarding design, hotspots & travel? Did you take a long journey? Or did you go to a unique city? I love hearing your stories or tag me into your Instagram Stories. Like @deedeeparis did who found Gatzara in Ibiza on my site and stayed there. @thegarbwire had lunch at Prado in Lisbon. And @paris.hayes was a guest at Margot House which she found in The Barcelona Guide. Continue tagging me as I really like to follow your trips too!


The most popular posts on my website this month:


1.Prado in Lisbon


2.Pantoufle in Rotterdam 


3.Mistu in Porto


4.Mi Casa en Lisboa


5.La Granja in Ibiza 


Check them out if you haven’t already! And enjoy your new month!


Warm wishes, Pauline


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