Welcome Bio Bazar is a concept store in Paris where they only sell eco-friendly products. And they also have a small in-house cafe and a supermarket on the other side of the street.


Eco-friendly then

At the end of the month, I’m going to attend the reunion of my high school, the Rudolf Steiner College. At that time, and I quote, ‘a school for daydreamers, kids with their heads in the clouds not prepared for the real world.’ I also did yoga at the time. In a classroom intoxicated by the smell of incense and a neighbor who didn’t bother to shave her armpits. And my mother gave me a little box with happiness dolls made in Peru for my first long journey. Of course bought at the Wereldwinkel, not the store you really wanted to go to if you were on a spending trip.


Eco-friendly now

Fast forward to today. If you want to enroll your child in a Rudolf Steiner College you have to do it years in advance. It’s popular because it’s personal, small and they give attention to every individual child. Yoga is something you do nowadays, and you can choose from many design schools. And if we go shopping we like to search for cool concept stores that sell products with a good story. That’s why we love stores like Sukha, O Antigo Talho and Welcome Bio Bazar.


Welcome Bio Bazar

They sell sustainable and eco-friendly products at Welcome Bio Bazar in the 11th arrondissement. And they designed the store in a way, so it seems you’re walking from the garden to the bathroom to the office and the kitchen. So they invite you to think about sustainability in every corner of your home. From a notebook to a beautiful kitchen knife and from beauty products to pillows. They also have a small coffee corner (and a small terrace), so you can drink your soy latte with a delicious piece of cake.


Check out: www.welcomebio.fr/le-bazar/


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