This week I’ll be in Copenhagen for an update of The Copenhagen Guide! Jump into my virtual suitcase called Instagram and travel with me!


Manon les Suites & Vipp Loft

Last year I went to Copenhagen twice. Once in May when it was still so cold I had to buy gloves because my fingers were freezing when I was biking through the city. Although a visit to the indoor pool of Manon Les Suites, which is now a 5-star hotel (!), made me feel like I was in a warm country such as Indonesia again. Then I returned in November because of the opening of the Vipp Shelter and Vipp Loft.


Summer in Copenhagen

And now it’s August and I’m returning again. There are so many nice places I want to visit. Such as Sirin x Frama store where they sell the Petite Passport Guides, just like Contemporary Copenhagen. Noma opened the doors earlier this year. And I’m gonna have dinner at Ostergro on Thursday evening. I’m gonna tell you all about it when I return – first in The Copenhagen Guide, then slowly on my website and some of it already on Instagram.


If there are any places you think I have to see, let me know!


Love, Pauline



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